Cloud 9

When bartender Toby Maloney visited Jeremy Oertel at Mayahuel looking for a White Negroni, Oertel created this tequila-based riff with Lillet and gentian liqueur.



Akin to a Negroni or a Boulevardier, this cocktail is essentially "breakfast encapsulated," says the drink’s creator, Aaron Polsky of NYC's Amor y Amargo.


Brandy Smash

The original and most popular variant of the smash throughout its heyday was the Brandy Smash, traditionally a mixture of spirit, water, sugar and mint, built over crushed ice.


Yellow Jacket

For weeks, NYC cocktail bar Employees Only had toyed with the idea of mixing together tequila and elderflower liqueur, but there was a piece of the puzzle missing—yellow Chartreuse.

mendo sidecar cocktail

Mendo Sidecar

First created during World War I, this Cognac-based cocktail traditionally had only two other ingredients: Cointreau and lemon juice. This version uses Germain-Robin XO brandy and maraschino liqueur.

blue moon cocktail

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon was, like the Aviation and the Attention, an early adopter of violet-flavored liqueur, and one of the few classics to specify a red wine float.