Daily News: Sampling Hanson’s Beer, The Surge in Pine Liqueurs


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– In Lucky Peach, a self-professed life-long Hanson fan tries the band’s Mmmhops beer.

– Pernod Ricard unveils Opn, a futuristic gadget designed to precisely mix cocktails for the consumer.

Starbucks is rolling back their beer and wine program at more than 400 locations.

– NPR explores the surge in pine liqueurs in the U.S.

– Hoa Vien Bräuhaus is a Czech-style restaurant and Ho Chi Minh City’s most famous “secret” drinking den.

– Finally, The New Yorker offers 10 “fun ways to repurpose your wine corks.”

[Photo: Flickr/Madison Scott-Clary]