This Week’s Best Drink Reads

50 cent

Welcome to The PUNCHbowl, a weekly installment where we share our favorite longreads on all things drinks and nightlife. This week, we visited all the drinking establishments in Michigan’s upper peninsula, debated the legacy of the three-Martini power lunch and met the people picking the beers we buy. 

With New York’s legendary The Four Seasons slated to close, the city will lose one of its most legendary bastions of booze-filled power lunching. While the tradition of New York’s power players dealing over three-Martini lunches is often romanticized, it’s difficult to ignore the distinct undertones of chauvinism that frequently came with it, as illustrated by accusations that Julian Niccolini, one of the venue’s oldest fixtures, has been accused of assaulting a woman in his own restaurant. GQ explores The Four Seasons as a remnant of days gone by and what it represented. [GQ]

After experimenting with fermenting wine at home in Spain, Lisa Parra and Tim Fujioka returned to New York and tried the same with a most local fruit: apples. Inspired by the ciders of Northern Spain, but with a twist of Champagne yeast and additional sugar for secondary fermentation in the bottle,  the couple’s sparkling stuff made out of their Chelsea apartment has found fans in the likes of Chef Anita Lo. Edible Manhattan takes a look at this sweet intersection of Spanish cider, New York apples and all-American ingenuity. [Edible Manhattan]

In the midst of today’s craft beer boom, the people who decide which beers are sold in which bars and grocery stores wield some real power. And with the steady increase in both supply and demand, the competition is only getting more fierce. Meet the powerful people who pick the beers you buy. [Greenville Online]

Father-son pair Randy and Kevin Kluck set out on an admirable mission: to visit every bar in Michigan’s upper peninsula. In a part of the country where much time is spent indoors, and in bars, to avoid inhospitable weather, the duo shared many drinks and more miles together. The New York Times tells the heartwarming—and ultimately heartbreaking—story of what it can mean to bond with someone over a drink. [The New York Times]

Finally, 50 Cent and Diddy have some beef… over vodka. While Diddy’s Ciroc has grown into a club staple since he joined forces with the brand in 2007, upstart Effen tapped 50 Cent to rep their spirit late last year—and the rapper has made it clear that he won’t let Diddy be the only celebrity ruling the vodka game. Serious shade has been thrown, often in the form of Instagram posts. For those out of the loop on the #drama, First We Feast has the brief history of it all here. [First We Feast]

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