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Blue Angel

By swapping Cointreau for blue curaçao, Crème de Violette for the Parfait Amour, Tristan Willey of Brooklyn’s Long Island Bar updates this retro recipe from Playboy's Host & Bar Book.

blue moon cocktail


In this homage to the strong women of the Mexican Revolution, Crème de Violette adds a note of soft florals to the strong combination of tequila and Cocchi Americano.


The Sun Prairie

At Donna, violet liqueur is paired with its traditional partner, gin, along with Cocchi Rosa and dry vermouth, resulting in a bitter, aromatic cocktail with slight florals.

aviation cocktail recipe daniel krieger


After being lost for almost a half-century, this sky blue concoction was refurbished to its original glory only within the last decade. This original version first appears in Hugo Ensslin’s…

attention cocktail recipe


Thanks to the resurgence of absinthe and crème de violette, this lost classic is finding its way back into the barman's repertoire.