Watch ZZ’s Thomas Waugh Make Cool-looking Drinks

ZZ’s Clam Bar’s Thomas Waugh puts fancy drinks in gold pineapples and porcelain buddhas. For their Cocktail Week, Eater NY caught three of these odd creations on video “in slow-motion, while a groovy guitar jam plays in the background.” [Eater NY]

The Trouble with Women and Whiskey

There was a time when “Ladies’ Night meant burning witches at the stake,” Serious Drinks reports— and all for drinking or distilling whiskey. We’d all be in trouble if that was the case today. In a review of  the new book Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey, Serious Drinks praises author Fred More

Department Store Drinking Is a Thing

For all of us who have ever browsed in the shoe department at Barney’s and suddenly wondered where in the hell the vodka and caviar bar is, apparently it’s on the fifth floor of the Beverly Hills location. rounds up some of the more notable shop-drink experiences around the world, including a Cleveland mash-up of More

When Barstool Make Outs Go Awry

New York City sommelier Erin Scala reminisces about the time she witnessed an epic barstool make out complete with bartop acrobatics, audience participation and a hairspray fire alarm. [Eater]

Kermit Lynch Is on a Vermentino Kick

Over on Serious Drinks, wine importer Kermit Lynch talks about his weakness for aged white Burgundies, being surprised by older Beaujolais, and how bigger does not always mean better. [Serious Drinks]

The Tonga Room’s Mai Tai EXPOSED

San Francisco’s legendary tiki wonderland the Tonga Room sells some “some 3,000 Mai Tais every month.” Eater National has the deets on the recipe and how it’s changed via their “Eater Elements” series. [Eater National]

A Negroni by Way of North Carolina

The Bitter Southerner dives into one West Coast expat’s attempts to fit into Southern swigging culture. “A tequila girl by provenance,” bartender Connie Coady gave up on bourbon and went back to her roots with an agave-driven Negroni. [Bitter Southerner]

Drinking the Celebrity Juice

Vice sits down for a wine tasting with rapper Sadat X and his producer Will Tell  to sample a handful of celebrity wines. Covered in the line up was juice from Drew Barrymore, Rick Ross and Dave Matthews. Descriptors dropped included “burnt hair,” “PTA meeting” and “lemon jolly ranchers.” [VICE] [Photo: VICE]

Robots Make Mai Tais Now

It’s official. A Mai Tai-making robot has been invented. Gizmodo reports on Barbot, a convention featuring drinks slinging androids complete with passed drinks served by, you guessed it, robot waiters. Over 3,000 cocktails were doled out over the course of the event including Mai Tais dispensed from a giant Tiki head, of course. [Gizmodo] More

Global Wine Shortage Imminent?

The Atlantic reports that it isn’t just France that may be suffering from a dip in their wine supply. China and the U.S are projected to consume “400 million cases of wine a piece by 2016,” the question of where it will come from looms ever larger as no wine-producing country is growing fast More

The Punch A-Z

Grand Marnier

(n.) A French brand of orange-flavored liqueur used in mixed drinks, served neat as a digestif or used as an ingredient in desserts (most famously, flambéed in Crepes Suzette). Created in 1880 by cognac producer Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, the recipe includes cognac, distilled orange essence (citrus was still an exotic scent at the time) and sugar. […]

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