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Build These Wine Cocktails Directly in the Bottle

The "built-in-can" cocktail is a well-established mainstay in the drinks world—but what about "built-in-bottle"?

Bottled Cocktails

Refreshing, easy to build and equipped with just the right amount of kitsch, the “built-in-can” cocktail is by no means a new trend.

In fact, this year has seen plenty of variations on the OG—the cold, canned beer topped with a squeeze of lime, a dash of hot sauce and a pinch of salt. From a tiki-inspired “dressed can” with pineapple cider, rum and absinthe to a lineup of drinks made with La Croix, the crop of canned cocktails appears to be ever-growing.

So it stands to reason that venturing beyond the can would be a suitable next step, evidenced by the trend towards pre-batching, bottling and freezing strong drinks, like the Martini. A recent hunt for something just a little less expected yielded three wine-based cocktails—made with white, red and rosé—each one built directly in the bottle.

A scaled-up version of Natasha David’s Appellation Cooler is an easy-to-drink answer to the call that incorporates Muscadet, alongside bitter Cocchi Americano and dry vermouth and a hint of apricot liqueur for a drink that’s light, low in alcohol and exceedingly refreshing. Over in LA, meanwhile, Dan Sabo offers something at the other end of the spectrum: the San Sebastian, a drink that combines a half bottle of young Rioja, plus bourbon, Spanish brandy, rich simple syrup and Ancho Reyes Verde for a fall-ready punch.

Back here in Brooklyn, we landed somewhere in the middle. Calling on a base of rosé, the Millennial Pink incorporates rosé syrup, alongside Aperol, Pamplemousse and fresh grapefruit and lemon juices. Poured over ice and topped with a sprig of mint, it’s just the thing to keep around for those times when the beer can’t quite hit the spot.

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