Black Flag Grog

Brian Miller | New York City

The popular New York City tiki party, Tiki Mondays, has always been equal parts heavy metal and tropical breeze. Enter, head tiki bartender Brian Miller’s Black Flag Grog. A heavy-hitting mix of four kinds of rum with a spicy tart supporting cast of nutmeg, orgeat and fruit juices, this head-splitting mix is sure to pave the way for an evening of swashbuckling and head banging.


Serving: 1

  • 1 ounce Dos Maderas PX rum
  • 1 ounce Appleton 12 year rum or Plantation Jamaica 2001 rum
  • 1/2 ounce El Dorado 151-proof rum
  • 1/2 ounce Cruzan Blackstrap rum
  • 3/4 ounce lime juice
  • 3/4 ounce grapefruit juice
  • 1/2 ounce pineapple juice
  • 3/4 ounce orgeat, Orgeat Works macadamia nut orgeat
  • 1/2 ounce nutmeg syrup (see Editor's Note)
  • 3/4 ounce soda water

Garnish: lime wheel and a pirate flag

  1. Add all ingredients (except soda water) to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add ice and shake until chilled.
  3. Add soda water and strain over ice into a large old-fashioned glass.
  4. Garnish with a lime wheel and a pirate flag.
Editor's Note

To make the nutmeg syrup, crack 10 whole nutmeg pods into tiny pieces. Combine with 1 cup of sugar and 8 ounces of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cover and drop to a simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat. Strain through a cheesecloth, store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.