dutch nemesis genever cocktail whitechapel sf

The Dutch Nemesis

Alex Smith lets genever shine through in this cocktail, combining it with kümmel for an herbaceous drink sweetened with pineapple gum syrup and topped with sparkling wine.


The Herbivore

Genever's botanical flavors are highlighted by the pairing of cardamaro, green Chartreuse and celery bitters in The Herbivore at City House Nashville.


Corenwyn Clipper

In this heavier, maltier riff on a Gin Fizz, Eben Freeman shakes genever with blackberry liqueur and tops it with sparkling wine.


Pinetop Perker

Chad Solomon plays on genever’s distinct botanical flavors by blending it with malted aquavit, pine liqueur and pine extract in the Pinetop Perker, a sort of Egg Sour by way…



This combination of malty genever, apple purée, sweet pecan-brandy syrup and IPA alludes to the longstanding Dutch beer-and-genever-shot ritual, kopstootje (literally, “little headbutt").

consolation prize cocktail recipe john perry yates

Consolation Prize

Created by illustrator John Perry Yates for the 2014 World Cup final match between Brazil and the Netherlands, this Old-Fashioned style drink has shades of Jerry Thomas's Improved Holland Gin…