Ryan Maybee

Ryan Maybee | Owner, Manifesto

"My drink-making style is very much classicist,” says Ryan Maybee, the Kansas City bartender and proprietor behind the renowned speakeasy Manifesto and its sister restaurant, Rieger. [multiple_related recipe_1="Girl From Cadiz" recipe_2="Horsefeather"…

Gin Sherry Cocktail Recipe

Girl From Cadiz

Created in 2007 for the Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition, this gin- and sherry-based cooler is one of Ryan Maybee's signature drinks.

Horsefeather Whiskey Ginger Cocktail Recipe


Built on a whiskey base and topped with ginger beer and a squeeze of lemon, the Horsefeather reads like southern take on the Moscow Mule.


Génépy Suisse

Ryan Maybee doubles down on winter drinking in this combination of cream, coffee liqueur, absinthe and génépy that is essentially an adult mocha.