Natasha David & Jeremy Oertel | You and Me Cocktails

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Husband and wife bartending team Natasha David and Jeremy Oertel met at Corner Shop Cafe 10 years ago. She was 19 and studying theater at NYU. He was “an old man managing the bar” by David’s chiding description. Understandably, he couldn’t help but notice his new bartender. Though they’ve been married for four years, the beginning of their relationship was, by admission, tumultuous. But no matter their quarrels (“Even when I wanted to punch him in the face” says David), they have always maintained their knack for cohabitation behind the bar. David and Oertel have worked at some of New York City’s most respected cocktail joints including Death + Company, Maison Premiere, Dram and Donna. And to this day they keep a joint shift behind the bar at East Village tequila and mezcal bar Mayahuel, which draws a weekly crowd of devoted regulars. Their consulting company, You and Me Cocktails, is responsible for a range of projects including Paul Sevigny’s Baby Grand and the forthcoming revamp of Pravda‘s cocktail program.