Five Cocktails from America’s Hottest New Bars

From a thoroughly modern take on the Daiquiri to an updated Aperol Spritz, here are five cocktails from five notable new or forthcoming bars.

Bar Clacson's take on the classic Aperol Spritz, the Clacson Spritz. [Recipe]

Diamond Reef's thoroughly modern Daiquiri. [Recipe]

A cross-cultural bitter cooler from L'Oursin. [Recipe]

A spicy, bitter riff on the Whiskey Sour from New York's Loverboy. [Recipe]

A three-Scotch riff on the Rusty Nail from Houston's Tongue-Cut Sparrow. [Recipe]

This season brings with it a number of important bar openings, notable not only for their impressive drink lists and the individuals behind them, but also for the industry trends they embody. This spring and summer, it’s the further extension of the low-ABV cocktail trend, and the growing number of bars that are finding their own interpretation of “high-low.” To get a sense of what’s new and what’s to come in cocktails, we asked five head bartenders from five heralded recent or upcoming openings to give us the drink recipe that best embodies their bar’s ethos. Meet Diamond Reef’s Scorpion Kick (New York), Bar Clacson’s Clacson Spritz (LA), Loverboy’s Thigh High Boots (New York), Tongue-Cut Sparrow’s Rusty Nail (Houston) and L’Oursin’s Infernal Collins (Seattle).

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