Liquid Diet: Six Post-Holiday “Detox” Cocktails

The holiday drinking marathon requires recovery drinks to match. Here, our go-to restorative cocktails, equipped to both soothe a hangover and atone for our overindulgence with cleansing ingredients, from ginger to cinnamon to matcha.

sho sho cocktail carrot ginger

Sho Sho: The carrot-ginger cure. [Recipe]

high line fizz cocktail

High Line Fizz: Vitamin C, times three. [Recipe]

umami bloody mary bar goto cocktail

Umami Mary: Miso soup meets Mary. [Recipe]

davy jones

Davy Jones's Locker: Your daily grapefruit. [Recipe]

absinthe minded cocktail barrelhouse flat

Absinthe Minded: The other green juice. [Recipe]

libra cocktail dill and matcha

Libra: Citrus, matcha, dill ... and tequila. [Recipe]

Amidst the onslaught of holiday eating, moments arise wherein reprieve is necessary. In those instances, we turn to traditionally restorative drinks (fog-lifters, digestifs) boosted with ingredients meant to detoxify and cleanse, from ginger to matcha to dill. Taken together, this holiday first-aid kit is about as close as we get to going on a juice cleanse.

Take Bar Goto’s Umami Mary, for instance: What looks on the surface like a standard Bloody Mary is fortified with savory miso, woodsy mushrooms and red chiles: a powerful probiotic, vitamin-bomb and metabolism-booster, respectively. While Davy Jones’s Locker, from Brad Farran, which takes the classic grapefruit-juice diet and ups the ante with Fernet and cinnamon bark syrup, for a digestif-cum-antioxidant to set you right. Or, there’s Barrelhouse Flat’s Absinthe Minded, which pairs hydrating cucumber—also chock-full of vitamins—with anise (a natural digestive aid, here in the form of Herbsaint), lime and good old-fashioned tequila to make our favorite kind of green juice.

Yes, there’s booze in there, too. But who’s to argue with ascribing to the combined healing powers of both antioxidants and hair of the dog? The holiday hangover, turkey-induced and otherwise, is no match. So, if you’re up the day after Thanksgiving (or really any day) with a headache and refrigerator full of potential detoxifying fruits and vegetables, do the sensible thing: make yourself a drink.

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