(n.) An imprecise measurement used to indicate a very small amount of liquid, most often used in reference to More

Digestif (Digestivo)

(n.) Conceptually paired with the aperitif as book-ends to a meal, the digestif is an after-dinner drink, and is More


(n.) A chemical process used to make high-alcohol spirits, distillation separates ethanol (drinking alcohol) from water. The basic steps: More

Double Strain

(v.) This cocktail-making technique for shaken drinks requires two strainers (usually a Hawthorne strainer and a fine-mesh strainer) for More


(n.) Derived from the Scottish-Gaelic term meaning “drink,” a dram originally indicated a liquid measurement equaling one-eighth of an More


(adj.) A drink order, usually in reference to the contemporary recipe for dry martinis, that specifies dry vermouth More

Dry Hopping

(v.) A beer-making technique in which hops are added to a beer after it has been cooked and fermentation More