(n.) An anise-flavored liqueur developed by Pernod as a replacement for absinthe, which was banned in France in 1919 More


(adj.) A description for a vermouth cocktail in which the vermouth component is a mix of half-sweet and half-dry, More


(n.) Chile and Peru both lay claim to inventing this grape brandy, thought to be created some 400 years More


1. (n.) A small tulip-shaped glass that holds one fluid ounce, commonly used in historic cocktail recipes and considered More


(n.) A sweet fortified wine from the Douro Valley of Portugal invented in the 17th century to preserve wines More

Pour Spout

(n.) This attachment with a spout that fits on or in the neck of a bottle is usually made More


(n.) Many governments have enacted periods of prohibition, a law that forbids alcohol. In the United States, the term More


(n.) A unit of measure for alcohol strength calculated in the United States by doubling the percentage of alcohol More


(n.) Before the single-serve cocktail became popular, mixed drinks were made in large-format style, called punch, and served in More