(n.): An Italian lemon liqueur made from a neutral spirit, lemon zest and sugar. Popular in citrus-growing regions of More

Lincoln County Process

(n.): Used to make some Tennessee whiskeys, this technique requires whiskey to go through charcoal filtration before being aged in More


(n.) Liqueurs, a flavored spirit sweetened with a sugar product, have a long and tangled history, probably dating back More


(n.): An alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of any fermented product, including fruits, grains and vegetables. The alcohol More

London Gin

(n.): Also known as London dry, this crisp, classic style is made around the world. The style evolved in More


(n.) An umbrella term for any drink served in a lowball glass, otherwise known as an Old-Fashioned or rocks More


(n.): A Scotch-producing region in Scotland that traditionally makes a light style of Scotch. Only a handful of producers still remain.

Lump Ice

(n.): A chunk of ice made by cracking apart an ice block. Though it has aesthetic charm when served More