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Our Favorite Pink Drinks by Style

Here, recipes for our favorite crimson-hued cocktails, from the classic Clover Club to the Cosmopolitan to the Campari Radler, plus frozen rosé and more.

Pink Drink Cocktail Recipe

There’s nothing particularly new about a pink drink. Pink Gin (a potent combination consisting of gin and bitters) originated with the British Royal Navy in the early 19th century, and grenadine-spiked examples—the Clover Club, the Monkey Gland and the Jack Rose—followed suit not long after. Concentrated in terms of both power and proof, these early rose-hued cocktails had no trouble defying our preconceptions about color.

Today, pink drinks represent a broad category—from low-proof spritzes to formidable tiki riffs. Here, a recipe collection of our favorite crimson-colored drinks, calling on everything from grapefruit to hibiscus to bitters to Campari (naturally).

Make It Classic

Pink Gin
A two-ingredient, 19th century favorite.

Clover Club
A pre-Prohibition original.

Mexico’s tequila Collins.

A tart, classic highball.

Pink Drink Cocktail Recipe

The 1990s liquid accessory.

The Pegu Club goes to San Francisco.

The cause of many a swerving bicycle.

Jack Rose
New Jersey’s original applejack cocktail.

Shake It

Endless Summer
The Negroni on vacation.

Blood Orange Margarita
Mexico’s tequila daisy in a winter coat.

Dusty Trails
A strawberry-topped cross between a cobbler and a buck.

Pink Drink Cocktail Recipe

Prima Vera
A bitter-sour, thyme-topped refresher.

Bruja Smash
Strega’s black magic.

Grievous Angel
A brunch-ready, fruit-forward bourbon sour.

“Pretty Fluffy Thing.”

La Bomba Daiquiri
Proof that “fruity” and “sweet” are not synonymous.

Shake It With Egg White

Angostura Sour
A sum greater than its parts.

Campari Sour
Because, obviously.

Canelli Sour
Bright, bitter and fall-ready.

Pink Drink Cocktail Recipe

Pink Lady
A grenadine-spiked gin sour.

Barrymore Room
The Clover Club, reverse engineered with bourbon.

Make It Bubbly

Punch House Spritz
A spring-summer staple topped with lambrusco rosato.

Rome With a View
Part Collins, part Americano.

Hibiscus Punch Royale
A riff on the Caribbean classic.

Pink Drink Cocktail Recipe

So Long Sweet Summer
A blend of citrus, barrel-aged gin and cinnamon-peach shrub.

Rivington Punch
A wine spritzer-Aperol Spritz mash-up.

Dove Dispatch
An earthy twist on the Paloma—plus Campari.

Señorita Spritz
A genre-bending strawberry spritz by way of Peru.

Strawberry Letter
A bubbly, crimson-colored summery punch.

Make It a Wildcard

Frosé Y’all
Rosé, in slushie form.

Aperol gives you wings.

Campari Radler
Think of it as a sudsy Americano.

Cold in the Shadows
A bitter, Californian ode to the shandy.

Pink Drink Cocktail Recipe

Bramble (Fresh)
The riesling of the cocktail world.

Sloe Moon’s Rose
A modern, pink twist on the swizzle.

Absent Stars
Rhum agricole meets tiki in New Orleans.

Bitter Mai Tai
A rum-driven take on a classic.

Babs in D.C.
A loose rendition of the Barbara West.

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