The Seelbach Hotel's grand, saloon-style counter reportedly created this signature cocktail when a bartender used a Manhattan to catch the overflow from an uncorked Champagne bottle.


Turf Cocktail

There are several versions of the Turf Cocktail, each a slightly different variation on the Martini. The PUNCH version favors Harry McElhone's version, adjusted for the modern palate.

Maison Premiere bamboo cocktail


A sherry aperitif and one of Japan’s originals, the Bamboo was created in the 1890s at the Grand Hotel In Yokohama, Japan by German bartender Louis Eppinger.

white lady cocktail

White Lady

A smoothed out Gin Sour, the White Lady was made famous by its creator Harry MacElhone of Harry's New York Bar in Paris and Harry Craddock of The Savoy in…