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A complete guide to spritzing with St-Germain cocktails.

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In a nod to the aperitif’s origins, the components of the Lysette are all French—from the gentle bitterness of Salers to the fizzy smack of Kronenbourg.


Lynnette Marrero | Bar Director, Llama Inn

Like so many of today’s best bartenders, Lynnette Marrero got her start alongside Julie Reiner at Flatiron Lounge. From there she racked up an impressive array of accolades, and has built some of New York’s best cocktail programs, from… Read More

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Midnight Bouquet

"A great nightcap is the perfect mix of strong and sweet," claims Meaghan Dorman, whose Midnight Bouquet incorporates St-Germain alongside grapefruit for a bittersweet companion to the salinity and smokiness…

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Grievous Angel

The bourbon-based Grievous Angel softens the hit of whiskey with a touch of St-Germain’s floral sweetness alongside strawberry syrup, and kicks everything up with the addition of bitters and citrus…

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For Rex

For Rex riffs on the classic Ojen cocktail, a Mardi Gras favorite comprising Ojen, bitters, sugar, and water, with an added level of complexity by way of St-Germain.