Our Best Recipes for Day Drinking

Refreshing and sessionable, here are our favorite cocktails for day drinking.

While the Bloody Mary might be the most recognizable stalwart of the day drinking canon, there are plenty of cocktails that are equally appropriate—if not more so—to enjoy throughout the afternoon. From highball to spritz to cobbler, the best day drinks are both refreshing and low in alcohol, whether a summer-ready watermelon and basil punch or a sherry-laced “suppressor” that’s perfect for cooler seasons. Here, a selection of our favorite recipes for every season.

Make it a Spritz

Aperol Spritz
The classic.

Blood Moon
Joe Campanale’s ode to aperitivo.

The Italian classic goes effervescent.

Punch House Spritz
A grapefruit-studded twist on the original.

Parish Hall Punch
A cider-topped sparkler.

Rivington Punch
Rosé all day.

Damiana Spritz
Herbal and bitter.

Powered by Campari.

Sanguinello Spritz
A wintery adaptation.

White Negroni Sbagliato
A modern riff on the happy mistake.

Make it a Highball

Tom Collins
The original hard lemonade.

Bitter Tom
An aptly named twist on the classic.

Jessica Collins
A Tom Collins with the grace of a Greyhound.

Salted Plum Vodka Collins
The classic, by way of Thailand.

Dear Prudence
A vodka- and lemon-spiked people pleaser.

Rome with a View
Bracingly bittersweet.

Engawa’s Japanese Highball
The proper way to highball.

Phil Collins
Refreshing and herbal.

Make it Fruity

Mexico’s tequila Collins.

Winter Paloma
A sage-infused riff on the original.

The simple combination of vodka and grapefruit.

Strawberry Letter
A crimson-colored sparkler.

Ajax Punch
Watermelon, meet basil.

Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler
A wasabi-spiced refresher.

Shady Lane
Shiso fine.

The Negroni’s spritzier, taller brother.

Make it with Beer

Leyenda’s Michelada
The classic gets a tropical twist.

The Pastry War’s Michelada
The OG in overdrive.

Hotel San José’s Michelada
A meaty take on the original.

Michelada de la Madre
Featuring a basil-lemon ice cube, no less.

The Emoticon
The Michelada heads to Japan.

Smog Cutter
A ginger-spiked mezcal and tonic.

Fresa Y Cerveza
All of the strawberries.

A tiki-fied shandy.

Hop Over
The tiki way to radler.

Das Radler
The classic with a spirit back.

A box full of bitters and beer.

Campari Radler
Bitter is better.

A radler with a Spanish accent.

Cold in the Shadows
The spritz goes to California.

Make it with Wine or Liqueur

Champagne Cocktail
The bubbly version of the Old-Fashioned.

Second Serve
A sherry-laced Spain vs. Italy matchup.

Suppressor #1
PX for the win.

Suppressor #4
A Cocchi-fueled triple threat.

Suppressor #7
Pommeau by way of Italy.

Suppressor #21
A bitter twist on Barolo chinato.

Suppressor #246
Mulled wine with a chill.

Suppressor #M
Sherry, baby.

Suppressor #1766
A coffee-spiked winter warmer.